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Hominis™- the smallest, farthest reaching surgical robot

Hominis™ surgical system is small and flexible enough to enable surgical procedures otherwise considered as unfeasible. Its unique design enables superior surgical and ergonomics capabilities, while keeping cost and footprint to a minimum. Hominis™ first application enables a variety of robotic gynecological procedures via a vaginal approach, expanding the feasibility of vaginal surgeries to the vast majority of cases.

Breaking anatomical barriers

Memic’s proprietary robotic technology rises to solve the clinical challenges of access and maneuverability. Our miniature, humanoid shaped robotic arms mimic human dexterity and surpass human flexibility – with 360˚ articulation and a variety of minimally-invasive access configurations. Pipeline indications for our unique technology include abdominal single and multi-port surgical procedures, as well as procedures performed in a trans-oral approach.

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